Talking Heads: Bromley High School, GDST

Angela Drew has been Headmistress of Bromley High School since 2014. With a degree in English Literature and an MBA from the University of Durham, she was Deputy Head Academic at Epsom College and Head of English and Head of Sixth Form Girls in two large Edinburgh independent schools. Her passion for developing confident young women is seen in Bromley High’s national reputation for debating. She chairs the HMC South East Division and is a member of the Universities Committee.


Hi Angela, how and why did you decide to get into education?

I had a scholarship at university from United Biscuits (of Digestive fame), so I had the option of a job in industrial management but after Durham, I spent a year working with mentally disabled adults in a Larche Community and during that period, I decided that I might enjoy teaching.

Growing up, did you have a female role model? 

Elizabeth Bennet

What does being part of the GDST family mean to you?

Teaching is a collaborative profession but the level of collaboration in GDST schools is special: it gives our girls and our staff unique opportunities. For example, at our Oxbridge and Student Leadership Conference teachers from across the country work together to provide our students with learning and development experiences of a calibre that couldn’t be offered by even the best of schools working in isolation.

What do you say to girls aspiring to be future leaders?

Leadership is about taking people with you.

Tell us about some of the exciting plans at Bromley High School?

We are about to construct a fabulous extension to our Junior School which will allow us to develop the creative, exploratory approach to learning which is such a feature of our Junior School curriculum and introduce cookery as an activity for both Junior and Senior Schools.

Favourite film

It’s a Wonderful Life

Favourite place

Whilst the children were growing up, we boltholed at different times in Brittany, Tuscany and Loch Lomond. They are extraordinarily beautiful places and I have very fond memories of the children’s first holidays.

Favourite quote

Back to Elizabeth Bennet ‘Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.’

Lastly, if you could snap your finger to change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Universities are reporting a huge increase in students reporting problems with depression and anxiety – and that is desperately sad. We do all we can in school to equip girls to live a happy life but I would love to see less anxiety amongst the young.

Thank you Angela

Thank you