The GDST Psychology Cup: A winning day for the study of Psychology

Notting Hill & Ealing High School welcomed A-Level participants from across the GDST to compete in the Psychology Cup. Judged by Dr Sebastian Teitcher, Principal Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, the competition demonstrated the ongoing appeal of this burgeoning science to younger generations.

gdst psychology cup

Students from five GDST schools – Norwich High School, Portsmouth High School, Sutton High School, Notting Hill & Ealing High School (NHEHS) and Royal High School Bath – gathered at NHEHS on Friday 23rd September for the annual Psychology Cup, a competition for A-level students to present findings from an independently designed and delivered research project.

Presentations were judged by Dr Sebastian Teitcher, Principal Lecturer at NTU and Amy Bailey, Online Learning and Innovation Manager with the GDST.


TikTok, the Golden Ratio and Climate Change

The applications of the science of psychology are many and varied. The GDST Psychology Cup participants brought their investigative skills to a diverse range of topics. Hypotheses investigated ranged from ‘a correlation between age and levels of climate anxiety’ and whether TikTok ‘is shortening attention span’.

Catherine McHenry, Head of Psychology at Notting Hill & Ealing School and organiser of the Cup, thinks the sheer variety of applications of psychology is part of its student appeal:


“Psychology is a diverse area of study, including everything from Social Psychology to Cognitive Neuroscience, and there truly is something for everyone to find interesting. It is also incredibly relevant to modern society. Understanding why humans behave in certain ways can foster a sense of empathy for others.”



Why study Psychology at A-Level and University?

Our judges and organisers are enthusiastic about encouraging more young women into the study of psychology. Dr Sebastian Tietcher passionately advocates the field’s relevance when trying to understand our world:


“Psychology is a wonderful and unique subject. The skills and knowledge you have gained from your study of Psychology will come in handy wherever you wish to apply yourself.”


Our psychology and education experts at GDST understand that fostering an interest in a subject involves creating opportunities for students outside the day-to-day classroom and curriculum. Amy Bailey, judge and Online Learning and Innovation Manager at GDST, thinks that the opportunity to bring together a range of GDST schools for collaboration and networking is key to students’ development:


“One of the real strengths of the GDST is encouraging and supporting students to develop their intellectual curiosity and their critical thinking. It was uplifting to see students from five GDST schools speak with such enthusiasm and authenticity.”



The winning hypothesis

The Psychology Cup this year went to Norwich High School, for their excellent research into the effects of TikTok on attention span. The competitive standard this year was high, and all teams were congratulated on their efforts by Catherine McHenry:


“The presentations were brilliant! All groups conducted studies on a diverse range of topics. It was fantastic to see students speaking confidently and passionately about their research.”


Our educational expertise

In the study of psychology, and in every subject, the GDST provides a space where girls learn without limits. Find out more about our educational ethos