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Computer Science students from across the GDST family enjoyed an inspirational day at PwC in London

women in tech

Students from across the GDST family have joined together for an inspirational GDST Tech Day. The event for A-Level Computer-Science students was hosted by PwC at their offices in London Bridge. PwC have spearheaded a Women in Tech initiative and, as an organisation where girls learn without limits, the GDST champions the role that girls can play as future tech leaders.

More than 30 students from 12 GDST schools first heard a keynote address from Lucy Gardiner, Director, Risk Assurance at PwC. They were then set a task of designing a product or service that their school could use to improve the ‘healthy living’ of teenagers. The challenge was to create a solution using one of eight emerging technologies including AI, blockchain, drones, virtual reality and robotics.

The girls then had to pitch their ideas to ‘dragons’ and were also able to give each other feedback on the various projects. A winning team was then chosen. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to explore how technology is transforming society and a great day for the girls to learn about opportunities there are for women in tech fields. The girls also had great fun exploring the London Bridge area together.

Currently UK employers are struggling to fill 43% of STEM vacancies and only 17% of UK digital jobs are filled by women. Yet evidence from GDST schools reinforces findings that single-sex settings encourage girls to take up STEM subjects. Of those studying A-levels in 2018, more than 46% of GDST students taking at least one science and over 40% taking mathematics (well above the national average).

Cris Turple, Head of Learning Technology & Innovation, GDST, said:

“Collaboration events such as this are a great opportunity to bring together A-Level Computer Science students from across our network of schools to connect with each other, gain feedback on their A-Level projects, and learn about opportunities for females in the tech industry. It is also a valuable opportunity to bring together our teachers to share best practice of how to engage girls in computer science. We are pleased to have partnered with PwC as a company that is also invested in inspiring more girls to pursue technology-related careers in the UK.”


Watch the video of the day