“We congratulate them all on their fantastic GCSE results” says Sydenham High School’s Headmistress

When year 11 embarked on their GCSE courses in September 2019 they knew it would be a step up and they were ready and prepared for the next phase of their education. Little did they know what was around the corner and just how challenging it would be! Two years on and they have coped admirably with the trials and tribulations of life in a pandemic, lockdowns, interrupted and disruptive schooling and of course the considerable uncertainty and anxiety of how they would be assessed for their GCSEs.

sydenham gdst gcse

We are so proud of how brilliantly this year group has met the challenges of Covid head on, throwing themselves into Guided Home Learning, managing restrictions at home and at school, adapting to the twists and turns of this global crisis. They have embraced our school motto and despite everything they have been resolute in their determination to ensure that nothing held them back. The focus has of course been on both their studies and their mental health, and it was such a memorable moment seeing their smiles and happy faces when they joined us in school, along with their parents, to celebrate the year group’s phenomenal achievements over this remarkable period of their school career.


“This cohort has had an extraordinary two years and I am so incredibly proud of the maturity and resilience they have shown when dealing with, and overcoming, the obstacles thrown at them. They have been nothing short of amazing and what superb role models they have been!”

– Mrs Woodcock, Headmistress


As a school, we know only too well that grades do not define who you are and that it is the educational journey that really counts. The achievements of this year group have been all the more impressive, not just academically but also more widely. As a year group they have more than demonstrated exceptional strength of character, resilience, adaptability, developing invaluable skills which will undoubtedly stand them in excellent stead for the Sixth Form and beyond. We congratulate them all on their fantastic results and we hope that with this chapter of their lives behind them, they can look to the future with optimism. Bravo!

100% 9-5

58% 9/8

80% 9-7