Holograms, lava lamps and slime… who said science was boring?

A group of Year 5 girls from Howell’s Prep School visited the Senior School for an hour of experimenting with the Whizz Bang Science team. Whizz Bang is a scheme for Year 5 and 6 students, that aims to bring science to life with fun and innovative experiments.

Since last year, the College’s Whizz Bang scientists have been meeting every week to plan the experiments.

On the day, the Prep school girls were split into four groups and a member of the Whizz Bang science team guided them round the various experiments. These included making holograms using iPads, videos and plastic dimes; making a Cartesian diver using a bottle of water, pen lid and plasticine: making slime using water, borax and glue; making a lava lamp using water, oil and salt. The Prep school girls had a great time experimenting at each station, testing methods and learning the science behind the results.

The Year 12 students who lead the Whizz Bang project take part as volunteers, and also visit local schools as part of the School’s outreach programme.