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Alumnae Mentoring Scheme Charter 2018


  • To take part in the scheme prospective mentors and mentees will be asked to submit an application form. We will then engage in a selection and matching process which aims to identify and partner individuals effectively.


  • As part of the process, all participants will be invited to a short training session. Mentors and Mentees will also be provided with an outline of the Mentoring process with guidance on how to manage and get the most out of it.


  • We will reimburse public transport costs for participants for core training sessions and events, up to £50 per person, details of which will be communicated separately. We will not be able to cover expenses for the various meetings which will take place between mentors and mentees and there are no fees involved for taking part in the scheme.


  • The scheme is a voluntary, consensual process which relies on the input of all the parties to make it work successfully. Once a mentoring arrangement is set up the onus will be on the mentee to arrange meetings and keep the process flowing.


  • The scheme will run for approximately six months, but we anticipate that some pairs will wish to continue beyond this point. After six months we will ask participants to feedback on their experience of the scheme so that we can evaluate it.


  • We are very hopeful that the scheme will select and match as many applicants as possible, however we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be offered a place as a mentor or mentee, or that suitable mentors or mentees will be found. In some cases, a mentoring relationship might need to be brought to an end, which can be done by either the mentor or mentee contacting us at the address below.


  • Any training materials, manuals or other information provided to participants by us remains our property. Any original work produced by a mentor or mentee remains the property of that mentor or mentee.


  • The information provided by you in connection with the mentoring scheme will be treated confidentially by us. By applying to the mentoring scheme, you consent to us using and keeping the information provided by you and you warrant that all data provided by you is correct.


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