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Anne Hogg Modern Foreign Languages Prize

This prize was established with the generous support of Dr. Anne Hogg, a former Chairman of the Council of the Trust and a linguist with a keen interest in the Hispanic languages.

The prize, which is available to be awarded annually in each school, is intended to recognise the work of pupils in Year 10, who are taking two or more modern foreign languages. This includes Welsh, where it is not the mother tongue.

The prize is to acknowledge excellence in achievement in two of those languages, both of which should be followed in school.

2019 Winners

  • Phoebe Foulds- Nottingham Girls' High School 
  • Charlotte Webster- Birkenhead High School Academy 
  • Sarah-Grace Akande -Oxford High School 
  • Juhi Miah -Portsmouth High School 
  • Nawar Hussain -Sheffield High School 
  • Ela Tekan -Bromley High School 
  • Giada Vecchi -Sydenham High School 
  • Ritika Sondagar -Northwood College for Girls 
  • Rebecca Collier - The Belvedere Academy 
  • Emily Howes -Croydon High School 
  • Sophia Karakusevic -The Royal High School, Bath 
  • Radhika Pandya -Northampton High School 
  • Bella Santos -Norwich High School for Girls 
  • Krutika Patel -Streatham & Clapham High School 
  • Eliza King-Christopher -Wimbledon High School 
  • Francesca Cooke -Newcastle High School for Girls 
  • Francesca Tun Lat -Howell's School, Llandaff 
  • Arora-Basu, Alyana -South Hampstead High School 
  • Lucy Humphreys -Shrewsbury High School