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GDST Minerva Prize

The GDST Minerva Prize is awarded for all-round achievement.

There is one first prize worth £500.

If you are a student and would like more information about applying for the Minerva Prize, please speak to your Head of Sixth. Application details will be sent to schools in January and the winners will be announced in May of each year.


2018 winners:

The judging committee were enormously impressed by all the candidates, but their unanimous decision was to award the Minerva prize to two students this year: 

Mia McLachlan - Birkenhead High School Academy


Anna Eason - Sheffield Girls' High School 


Previous award winners:


Lota Ugochukwu - Norwich High School for Girls


Myah Popat - Northwood College for Girls


Davina Nylander - Newcastle High School for Girls

In recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions to school life, it was also decided that the following two students would receive an award of £250 and a Certificate of Distinction:

Claire Geller - The Royal High School, Bath

Nisha Hare - Oxford High School 



Katie Tomsett - Croydon High School



In recognition of the 140th anniversary of the GDST, it was decided that in 2013, two students would receive the GDST Minerva Prize and both would receive a cheque for £500. The adjudicators were very impressed by all the candidates, but their unanimous decision was to award a prize of £500 to:

Bryony Bennett - Lloyd - Norwich High School for Girls

Ysanne Clark - Central Newcastle High School



Jennifer Brennan of Royal High School, Bath.