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Pearson and Silver Awards

The Pearson and Silver Awards are offered to pupils in GDST schools to help towards the cost of attending meetings or courses or carrying out projects with a classical content, e.g. summer schools in Classical Greek or Latin at Bryanston, Durham or Repton Schools, University or King's Colleges, London, or Lampeter (Univ. of Wales).Mr Bertram Pearson, CB, DSO, MC, MA, who was a member of the Council of the Trust from 1958 until 1969, died in 1984 leaving a share in the residue of his estate to the Trust with a request that it be used for the purpose of promoting and furthering the study and pursuit of classical learning in Greek and Latin in the schools of the Trust.In memory of Mrs Nancy Silver, a classicist and former Head of Streatham & Clapham and Putney High Schools, the award to the most outstanding candidate of the year has been called the Nancy Silver Award.


In 2019, the following awards were made:

  • Anna Coutts - Putney High School
  • Elizabeth Anderson - Oxford High School
  • Ella Campbell - Notting Hill & Ealing High School
  • Ella McNeill - Notting Hill & Ealing High School
  • Fiona Macrae - Oxford High School
  • Flora Norton - Norwich High School for Girls
  • Isabel Meadows-Gibb - Norwich High School for Girls
  • Isobel Wood - Sheffield High School
  • Sophie Baptista - South Hampstead High School
  • Zoe Geall - Putney High School