Guide to Apprenticeships

If you are starting to think that several more years in full-time education isn’t for you, that you would like to start earning money rather than taking on student debt, and you feel ready to launch into the world of work at 18, apprenticeships are a brilliant option, writes Carole Hall.

gdst apprenticeships

If you are successful in gaining an apprenticeship, by the time your friends are leaving university you could be well into your career – possibly in a management position with enough money to put down a deposit on your first house.

You need to know, though, that applying for apprenticeships isn’t the easy option.

Employers who offer apprenticeships are looking for someone who will become a real asset to their company. From the get-go you will be an employee with a job that your employer needs you to do really well. This means you will have to go through a rigorous selection process to prove you have the skills and personal qualities necessary to do it.

Obviously you will receive training and be working towards relevant qualifications but you still need to be a functioning employee from day one. If you are someone who has already had a part-time job, been a proactive volunteer or have grabbed opportunities to gain experience of team working, decision making and business awareness (developing excellent communication and people skills along the way) you will be well-prepared to face the challenges of the apprenticeship recruitment process. If you haven’t done any of these things yet, now is the time to start.

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