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Birkenhead High School Academy

86 Devonshire Place
CH43 1TY
+44 (0)151 652 5777

Principal: Mrs Rebecca Mahony

Chair of Governors: Nigel Lawrence

Rebecca Mahony, Principal, Birkenhead High School Academy

Birkenhead High School Academy (BHSA) is a beacon of excellence in girls’ education with the highest of standards in attainment, attendance, punctuality, appearance and conduct. The school expects its girls to strive for excellence and to push themselves to improve, working with the school to gain the qualifications that will enable them to fulfil themselves, to be and to achieve their very best. It is a school where every child matters, where expectations of all members of its community are high and where personal achievement and fulfilment are valued and sought after. The staff of BHSA are committed, hardworking and inspirational. Students will get the very best if they go to BHSA, but in return the school expects its students to be committed and hardworking. In choosing BHSA, girls benefit from a strong traditional ethos while enjoying all sorts of enrichment. Homework is set routinely and students are expected to take responsibility for their learning, putting in extra time and effort to reach their potential. They are required to attend a variety of enrichment activities to ensure a rounded education, and they are also expected to help each other out, to serve the community and to support others through their general courtesy, acts of kindness towards others and through active citizenship.

The school seeks to work with parents and carers to create successful learners, confident and aspiring individuals and responsible citizens who have an awareness of and an interest in contributing to life locally, nationally and globally. The curriculum we offer is designed not only to prepare students for all aspects of life, but to stretch them, to widen their horizons with a view to higher education and employment.

Girls benefit from a strong traditional ethos while enjoying all sorts of enrichment.
Birkenhead High School Academy

BHSA enjoys first class facilities and resources following a £12m rebuild and refurbishment, and this oversubscribed academy is going from strength to strength. BHSA is a vital and effective member of the family of schools on the Wirral, enjoying partnerships with a whole range of education providers from nurseries, through primaries, secondaries, tertiaries and universities, as well as taking full advantage of links with businesses and industry locally, regionally, nationally and even globally.

The school plays a significant role in the community through its specialisms – Music and Maths – and through its extended services, lettings and outreach work. Schools are in the prime position to serve their communities whether through access to facilities and expertise or simply the capacity to bring people together for sport, music, or drama. The school hopes that in addition to allowing it to educate your daughter, you will enjoy some other benefits of an association with BHSA – a flourishing Parents’ Association and wonderful facilities available for community use.

Key information

  • Age range: 3 - 19 years
  • 1038 pupils
  • Day only (no boarding)

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