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Nottingham Girls' High School

9 Arboretum Street
+44 (0)115 941 7663

Head: Ms Julie Keller

Chair of Governors: Professor Jenny Saint OBE

Ms Julie Keller

Nottingham Girls’ High School believes in the power of girls. As the school equips them with academic excellence and outstanding support, they thrive to become extraordinary.

The school is very proud of what it does, what it provides for girls and what it has achieved through its provision for well over 100 years now. It’s a friendly and welcoming place where girls feel secure and supported – the perfect environment for learning.  The girls are encouraged to think creatively, set themselves high standards and to work hard to achieve their goals.

Choosing the right school for your daughter is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. You want her to leave home happy and enthusiastic in the morning, and return energised and enriched at the end of the day.

From Junior School right through to the Sixth Form and beyond, your daughter will receive outstanding support – from her teachers; from the school’s superb pastoral and support staff; from current and former pupils, and of course from the GDST itself. There will always be advice on hand and a friendly face to turn to, the importance of which is not lost on the school.

“We've been continually astounded by the care and dedicated support our girls have received. They leave you and enter the world as confident and able young women having fulfilled their potential.”
Parent, Nottingham Girls' High School

Everyone at Nottingham Girls’ High School passionately believes in a girls only education, where your daughter can belong yet be an individual; challenged but not distracted; be herself or anybody she wants to be. It is a proven approach borne out by exam results that are among the best in the country, but there is also a strong belief that education for life involves much more.

The school places a big emphasis on the qualities that lead to a happy, successful and fulfilling life: personal and social values, consideration for others, leadership, teamwork, confidence, self-discipline and resourcefulness.

Close links between home and school are really important too and the school is committed to maintaining close relationships with you throughout your daughter’s journey, involving you wherever possible. By talking to and listening to you, the school can ensure your daughter makes the most of her talents and opportunities.

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Fees 2018/19

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YearTermly feeExtras included
Senior School £4,527Excludes lunches.
Junior School£3,291Excludes lunches.

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