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Shrewsbury High School

32 Town Walls
+44 (0)1743 494000

Head: Mr Michael Getty

Chair of Governors: Sylvia Short

Michael Getty, Head, Shrewsbury High School

How do you choose the best school for your child? It can be difficult. You will have high expectations and will require the very best in academic attainment and pastoral care from your child’s school. Outstanding teachers and comprehensive facilities will be high on your list of priorities. However, you will also want more than this: you will want a school that reflects and responds to your child’s individuality, that harnesses her strengths as she develops into a mature, responsible person with the skills and attitudes necessary in a fast-changing world. Shrewsbury High School is confident it fulfils these expectations.

I am now studying Medicine and would highly recommend the school to any girl looking for a head start.
Former Head Girl, Shrewsbury High School

The school believes it is important to have strong values underpinning one’s decisions and actions. Here are some of Shrewsbury High’s:

  • Learning should be enjoyable
  • Good academic work should be valued
  • Respect is earned
  • Self-reliance is a strong virtue
  • The spirit of community is a powerful force
  • People respond better to encouragement than criticism
  • Effort is as important as achievement
  • People are individuals, not stereotypes

However, don’t take the school’s word for it. Go and see for yourself.

Key information

A*/A GCSE percentage

Fees 2018/19

More fees information
YearTermly feeExtras included
Sixth Form£4,827Tuition across the regular curriculum, school books, games and swimming, non-residential curriculum trips, stationery, choral music and other materials. They do not cover lunches, optional extra subjects or the cost of travel to school
10-11£4,781As above.
7-9£4,726As above.
4-6£3,834As above.
3£3,521As above.
Reception-Year 2£3,275As above.
Kindergarten£2,562As above.

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