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Supporting current students at our sister schools

Since the pandemic hit the UK, we have all been moved by the amazing generosity that has been shown across the nation in a range of ways. However, for some of the pupils at our two sister schools – Belvedere Academy in Liverpool and Birkenhead High School Academy in The Wirral – the lockdown period has been particularly challenging. This is because a number of the girls at our academies do not have a suitable device at home nor consistent internet access to allow them to access the Guided Home Learning programme provided by the academies and the wider GDST family of schools.

Bridging the divide

This digital divide is hampering the progress these students could be making and the problem is getting worse with every day that passes. Because of the growing urgency around this issue, we have set up the GDST Academy Trust Student Support Fund to buy equipment, and provide internet access and other resources for these students and their families.


By supporting the GDST Academy Trust Student Support Fund, our academies can help girls who have been struggling. Please do consider supporting this important cause by giving what you can. Every gift of any size will make a real and immediate difference. You can choose to give to the joint fund, which will be split equally between the two academies or if you prefer, you can specify one or other of the schools.

Find out more about Belvedere Academy
Find out more about Birkenhead High School Academy
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