Bursaries at Norwich High School

Norwich High School for Girls was founded by the radical and enterprising people of Norwich in 1875

The school has remained committed to that community and to its values ever since.

  • Girls First – everything we do is centred on providing the best education for girls
  • Forward thinking – seeking new and innovative ways to be leaders in the education of girls and to future-proof our girls.
  • Fearless – offering a wider range of programmes to support the development of confident and aspirational girls with the resilience to reach their goals.
  • Family – connecting our girls to the wider GDST community of teachers, girls and alumnae through our Inspiring Females programme and other partnerships.
  • Undivided – a culture of diversity and inclusion, where every member of our school community is valued and supported.

Norwich High School’s Bursary Programme

In the 2020-21 academic year, 10% of students benefited from some form of bursarial support. The average recipient of this assistance received 65% fee remission. Where possible we try to award as close to 100% as possessive to ensure that the award makes a significant difference to the educational opportunities of the recipient.

Without the bursary fund many of the most able and gifted students and their parents would be put off applying to Norwich High School or not be able to take up their place due to financial constraints.

Each year we receive over 50 applications for a bursary place and due to a lack of funds we are only able to offer places to around 15% of these applicants. But we want to do so much more. Donations from alumnae, along with former staff, parents and friends, enable us to offer more opportunities to bright and deserving girls.

Donate today

The easiest way to donate to Norwich’s bursary programme is online at www.gdst.net/donate. Gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated and will change lives.

The words of a recipient of financial assistance

Catherine Thorn, Norwich High School for Girls, Class of 1982

I attended Norwich High School from 1975 to 1982 thanks to financial assistance provided by the Direct Grant scheme. My upbringing wasn’t the easiest – my younger brother had severe cerebral palsy from birth. From an early age, I helped my mother and father with his care. Whilst my parents worked very hard to ensure that home life was as normal as possible for me, it was really quite unusual, and Norwich High provided me with stability and the right environment to grow and flourish as an individual. We could never have afforded the fees for a school like NHS.

One of the best things about attending the school was that I was able to study Ancient Greek. By the time I was 11 years old, I was fascinated by Greek mythology, and I eventually went on study Greek at A level, along with Latin and English. I believe that without this opportunity to study Greek and Latin, I wouldn’t have gone on to study at King’s College, Cambridge, where I read Classics.

I believe one of the most valuable aspects of a GDST education is the unshakeable belief that it gives girls in themselves. This remains today as important as it ever was. My GDST education made me what I am today, enabling me to achieve my full potential.


Catherine pictured above during her school years

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