Chantelle Hopkins

“I have had the most incredible education and memories. I will always be so grateful for the bursary which gave me the best school years I could ask for.”

“One of the things I remember most about my first day at Bromley is having this huge backpack full of new stationary and books, it was so heavy! I remember sitting in the hall in assembly and speaking to another girl next to me and it turned out we had the same birthday and were both going to Alton Towers for our birthdays, and we stayed friends all the way through school right from our first day in Year 7. Another thing that I remember is going out into the courtyard and having our class photograph taken, all in our shiny new uniforms.

There are so many things that I remember dearly about Bromley, the amazing productions including Les Misérables, choir performances, our World Challenge trip to Ecuador, dance productions and even simple things like having fun in the fields at lunch time. I made amazing friends at BHS, many of which I am still in contact with. I remember our A Level geography lessons when Mrs Grier would bring in her latest batch of shortbread biscuits. I remember the amazing theatre trips we took with Mrs Jenner and the great staff performances in the Christmas Talent Show. I am always so grateful for the years I spent at Bromley High School, such wonderful teachers, opportunities and friends.

At the time I applied for BHS my younger brother was battling cancer in Great Ormond Street Hospital. As my mum was living in the hospital with my brother, I was with my dad and had family help from my grandmother and auntie. Bromley was my first choice school from the moment I attended the open day, so I was ecstatic when I gained a partial bursary, it would not have been possible otherwise.

At school I learnt that with hard work and support you can achieve anything. BHS were a great support network for me and I was always encouraged to be the best I could be. I gained so much confidence at my school through the unlimited opportunities to perform and the wonderful support from teachers and classmates. After Bromley I went on to study Musical Theatre and worked in the industry for a few years, however when I decided to start my own business I felt that I had the education and confidence behind me to go forward. BHS has taught me that if you take the opportunities, work hard and are true to yourself, you can go far!

To me, the GDST means support, opportunity. It’s a chance to really excel and learn more about yourself and what you are capable of. I also feel that the GDST means a sense of family- to me, Bromley has always been a supportive and friendly environment. I even went back to Bromley to teach Drama for a short period of time, and I just loved everything about it. It brought back so many wonderful memories.

There are so many students who, if it were not for bursaries, wouldn’t have the chance to attend schools like the ones in the GDST. There is so much talent and knowledge in today’s young people and for those who are offered a bursary it will change their life. I have had the most incredible education and memories, will always be so grateful for the bursary which gave me the very best school years I could ask for”.

Chantelle Hopkins
Drama Teacher and owner of Take a Seat Productions
Alumna, Bromley High School
Class of 2006


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