Sam Davies

“It has been an immense pleasure to have worked on bringing our new Help Girls Learn Without Limits campaign to life with my colleagues at the Girls’ Day School Trust and across our family of 25 schools.”

As well as leading the GDST’s fundraising efforts for bursaries and financial assistance, I am a GDST alumna myself, having attended Portsmouth High School from 1987 to 1994. As the oldest of four children to a single mum living on a council estate, a GDST education would have been impossible if it wasn’t for the full assisted place I was lucky enough to be offered. The support I received helped pave the way to my future and I am very grateful for the various opportunities I had during my years at PHS.

Helping to transform lives – just as mine was all those years ago – is one of the reasons why I have chosen a career in fundraising.

By welcoming girls and young women from all backgrounds into our schools, our whole community benefits from fresh perspectives, diverse viewpoints, curiosity and challenge.

I hope you have found our alumnae stories inspiring. It is clear that the support these women were given has had a profound impact that has remained with them, long after their school years. I am proud to make my own personal monthly donation in support of Portsmouth High and know that I am helping other girls like me to achieve their full potential.

It would be wonderful if you could consider joining me by making your own gift.

Mrs Sam Davies
Head of Philanthropy, The Girls’ Day School Trust
Alumna, Portsmouth High School
Class of 1994

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