Why a GDST Nursery?

Our girls get off to a flying start at a GDST nursery and reception. Even in the early years, at the ages of three or four, we nurture their individual talent, making sure they’re ready to develop and embark on their primary education.

We embrace creative and fluid indoor-outdoor learning spaces, which harness curiosity, where girls explore and have fun (and sometimes get their hands dirty!) At a GDST nursery and reception, your daughter’s early years education could include hunting for mini beasts in our Forest Schools, flying a rocket ship to Mars or starting to learn French, all within a curriculum where she builds the core skills that will provide the foundation for her future education.

The GDST has 23 schools and 2 academies across England and Wales.
Students. And each one unique.

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Stimulating creative learning and growth

Our Nursery and Reception years education provides a structured, personalised learning environment and productive play led by inspiring teachers, where girls’ boundless imagination is encouraged and their confidence supported.

These early years are seamlessly linked to our Prep and Junior Schools as your daughter moves to the next stage of her education. Our schools also offer extensive wraparound care, including breakfast and after school clubs.

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