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These are exciting times for girls.


Which is all the more reason to take advantage of an exceptional education at a GDST school.

As a family of 25 schools, we tailor our approach to how girls learn best, providing them with the attributes they need to excel.

 In our schools, academic excellence is a given. But GDST girls also learn to be confident, happy and fearless, to be prepared for the opportunities of the future.


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Putney High School GDST

A skilled and determined rower, who discusses both team thinking and design thinking on and off the river.

Royal High School GDST

Etta belongs on the stage and brings joy, comedy and balletic beauty to her audience.

Notting Hill and Ealing High School GDST

A physicist and engineering enthusiast (and bursary holder) who explores the idea of creating engineering to help the masses.


23 schools, two academies and one focus: Girls.

For over a century, we have been continuously tailoring our teaching to the ways girls learn best. Every one of our girls is known, supported, confident and able to thrive, so they leave us prepared to shape the world.

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