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The GDST is committed to diversity, inclusion and real change, and social justice will be even more of a golden thread that runs through our work in the coming months and years. GDST schools strive to be inclusive environments in which the wellbeing of every young person comes first, and where every girl – no matter her background – can learn without limits.

Since June, we have:

  • Developed our Undivided Charter for Action, and we are currently consulting with staff, students, parents and alumnae on its commitments.
  • Appointed an Undivided Trust Consultant to lead on sharing best practice across GDST schools and implementing our Charter for Action.
  • Introduced unconscious bias training for all our staff, as a first step to raising awareness of the issues.
  • Updated one of our four key strategic aims to ‘an innovative and inclusive culture’.
  • Held workshops for our Heads, with expert-led discussion to stimulate debate and share best practice (external and internal) on inclusivity.
  • Appointed an Undivided lead within each school, providing central training to support them in designing and running local initiatives.
  • Researched and recommended training for subject leaders and Junior curriculum leaders and offered webinars as part of the CPD programme for the current academic year.
  • Introduced training for teaching staff to help them review and update their subject curriculum.
  • Shared good practice on diversity and inclusion as part of every Subject Collaboration Day and Junior Curriculum Leadership training seminar.
  • Included questions for staff about diversity and inclusion as part of our annual employee engagement survey.
  • Instituted the collection and collation data on staff diversity.

Our next steps are:

  • A student survey to learn more about our pupils’ experiences of diversity and inclusion in their schools.
  • Finalising our Charter for Action following feedback from staff, parents, students and alumnae.
  • Diversity, inclusion and real change will feature on the annual school reviews for 2021.
  • Once we have the baseline data from staff and student surveys, setting challenging targets to bring about real change across the organisation.
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