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As a parent, teacher, student, or member of the community – keeping up-to-date with the latest educations news in the UK is important to ensure you have a strong understanding of the education scene, allowing you to deliver the best opportunities for children. 

All of the GDST news right here! Including everything from schools’ successes, GDST events, alumnae stories, think pieces, interviews, GDST Book Club and various opportunities for past, current and future students.

Portsmouth High School’s Daffodil House

Portsmouth High School

September 2022 saw the launch of Portsmouth High School’s (PHS) Daffodil House, a new well-being centre, bringing all well-being activities under one roof.

A Love Letter to Reach Out by Nottingham Girls’ High School

Nottingham Girls' High School

Nottingham Girls’ High School has always championed outreach as a way of supporting and collaborating with local city and county schools…

Supporter Spotlight: Jackie Lymn Rose

Nottingham Girls' High School

We are hugely grateful to each and every one of our supporters who donate generously to the GDST bursary programme,…

What age do children start school in the UK?

Parents have freedom in what age they send their children to school. There is debate on what is best for the children. Find out what you need to know.

GDST welcomes international keynote speakers alongside students at TEDxSuttonHighSchoolGDST

The TEDxSuttonHighSchoolGDST event showcased speeches from a tech entrepreneur, fashion designer, inclusion campaigners and the students.

Maths for our futures

The GDST’s Trust Consultant Teacher in Mathematics, Rebecca Brown, imagines a future where our attitude to maths is re-evaluated, to create a more equal world.  

Appointment of new GDST Chair of Council

In July 2023, at the end of my term, I will be stepping down from my position as Chair of…

Sheffield Girls’ named ‘Independent Secondary School of The Year in the North’

Sheffield Girls’ GDST have been named as the top independent school in the north of England in a leading education report by the Sunday Times.

Norwich High School for Girls recognised in 2023 Parent Power League

Norwich High School for Girls GDST has been awarded The Sunday Times East Anglian Independent Secondary School of The Year in the 2023 Parent Power League.

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