GDST Giving Impact Report

A celebration of support 2022 - 2023

Thank you

The year 2022-23 signified our 150th year anniversary as the Girls’ Day School Trust. This momentous milestone gave us a moment to pause and reflect on all we have achieved and all we continue to strive towards. Our mission and values have never been clearer; to reach as many girls as possible, to create a more equal world by educating young women thereby changing the lives of our brilliant students and those whose lives they touch in the wider community. We keep these values close to our hearts in all we do, guided by the principles of our four fearless founders in 1872.

It is my pleasure to be custodian of the GDST during this pivotal time. Whilst we can recognise the progress that has been made, we keep a laser focus on the potential yet to be achieved. None of the positive stories in this edition of Giving would be possible without our outstanding staff, inspirational students, alumnae and you, our loyal donors and supporters. We have an ambitious goal to establish 150 new transformative bursaries for girls who would not otherwise be able to access a GDST education and your support is crucial in achieving this. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Cheryl Giovannoni
Chief Executive,
Girls’ Day School Trust

Philanthropic income and impact 2022-23

new bursaries awarded.
£2.1 million
raised for Bursaries and Financial Assistance.
bursary holders are also in receipt of a scholarship.
1 in 10
students are being supported by a bursary.
students benefited from a GDST bursary.
students benefited from a 100%+ bursary.
gifts received from generous donors.
gdst giving

‘I was the beneficiary of someone’s intervention in my life at a crucial juncture and that experience taught me how critical it can be to have help.’

— Ric Lewis (South Hampstead High School former parent and member of the Bursary Board)

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    Our supporters are the backbone in our mission to reach as many girls as possible with a life-changing GDST education. Each gift, great and small, is valuable and greatly appreciated.

    The Black Heart Foundation has changed the lives of three GDST Sixth Form students so far, by funding full bursary awards for each of them. The three GDST students, known as the Black Heart Foundation Scholars completed their studies in Summer 2022. The girls were at three different GDST schools: Sheffield High School for Girls, Sydenham High School and South Hampstead High School. The Black Heart Foundation is now supporting a further two Sixth Form students at South Hampstead High School who will complete their studies in Summer 2024 and 2025.

    Founded by Ric Lewis, Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Tristan Capital Partners and former parent at South Hampstead High School, the Black Heart Foundation aims to remove any and all barriers to the aspiration and achievement of young people
    in life and education and supports young people irrespective of their

In their own words

The gift of a bursary is life-changing to our students, best heard from them in their own words.

‘To be a GDST girl is a very great gift’.


Meet Zelah, Year 10, a trailblazer in neuro studies and (we believe) a future life-saver. Zelah is a bursary award holder at Oxford High School.


‘Every person has the potential to make a huge difference in the world.’


Meet Lydia, Year 13 student at Notting Hill & Ealing High School, physicist and engineering enthusiast and bursary award holder.


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