Partnerships and Outreach

The GDST understands the power of partnership and the benefits it can bring, not just to our girls but to our staff, parents, alumnae and the wider community.

We partner with a wide range of organisations to enhance the education and opportunities we provide – from philanthropic relationships that address social mobility, to careers guidance, insight days and workshops that not only help our girls find their passion but also help industry to find the brightest female talent of the future.

We also hugely value the collaborative work that takes place between GDST schools and local state schools and universities to help raise aspirations and foster community cohesion, particularly in disadvantaged areas.


gdst partnerships

Black Heart Foundation

The Black Heart Foundation has changed the lives of three GDST Sixth Form students by funding full bursary awards for each of them. The three GDST students – known as the Black Heart Foundation Scholars – began in September 2020 and are due to complete their studies in Summer 2022. The girls are at three different GDST schools: Sheffield High School for Girls, Sydenham High School and South Hampstead High School.

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    These awards marked the start of a new strategic partnership between The Black Heart Foundation and the GDST. Both organisations share a key ambition to support girls across the UK who would otherwise not be able to benefit from an excellent education like the one offered at a GDST school.

gdst partnerships

Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation (RNCSF)

We are actively working with this leading social mobility charity to identify girls from disadvantaged backgrounds who would benefit from a GDST education. RNCSF works with leading boarding and independent schools to expand the number of 110% bursary places (those that cover all fees and extras) for young people that need them most.

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    This includes children and teenagers in or on the edge of care, or growing up in households and communities where opportunities to flourish are limited. The GDST will continue to look for opportunities to work with similar organisations in support of our commitment to reaching as many girls as possible.

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