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We hope that you feel your time at a GDST school had a positive influence on your life, or on the life of someone close to you. Remembering the GDST in your will is one of the most personal and significant ways you can help our schools. Every bursary place at a GDST school can be life-changing. You would be enabling talented girls, no matter their background, to receive the opportunity of a GDST education.

Legacy gifts often take the form of a specific sum of money or a percentage of a person’s estate. All legacy gifts, whatever type or size, play a vital role in our work and can have a transformative impact. For advice about leaving a gift in your will to charity, you can visit the Remember A Charity website.

If you would like to know more about leaving a legacy to the GDST, please contact the Philanthropy Team via email giving@wes.gdst.net or by calling +44(0)20 7393 6898. If you would prefer you can print and fill in a legacy pledge form.

We are hugely indebted to those who have recognised the importance of providing for the long-term financial support of GDST in this way. Those who have pledged a legacy to any GDST school are part of the Minerva Circle. Members will be recognised in our annual Philanthropic Review and will be invited to our annual ‘Evening of Thanks’.

Please pledge today to be part of shaping tomorrow.

Amanda Triccas

Portsmouth High School, 1984

“The first-class education I received at Portsmouth High School gave me self-confidence, lasting friends and a strong scholarly grounding which allowed me to choose the future I wanted.

As someone who has worked in girls’ education for over twenty years, I am well aware of the benefits of giving young women the best possible opportunities for leadership, creativity and personal aspiration.

It’s important that those who have benefited from the GDST should consider giving back whatever they can to ensure that talented girls from all backgrounds can fulfil their potential.”

Dorothy Whittington

Oxford High School, 1948

“My GDST generation benefited from state financial support to help pay our school fees and girls were awarded places on academic merit, not on whether their families could pay. When I was at school the Butler Education Act turned us into a direct-grant school. All books became free, and fees became related to parental income, which helped a lot of families including mine, as my fees dropped from 13 to 10 guineas a term, which was a great help.

Over the years, these vital financial supports have been removed and bursary awards to bright girls are more reliant than ever on charitable funding. That is why we have founded the Oxford High School Sunflower Circle to encourage alumnae, past teachers and all those interested in the school, to arrange to leave legacies, for the benefit of the school, in their wills. I know that I am extremely grateful for the education I received and I want to ensure that girls in generations to come will benefit from the same high standard of education.”

Recent legacy gifts that have made a difference


We have recently received some very generous gifts from our alumnae and friends which will continue to support the work of the GDST and our schools.

Hear are some examples of our most recent gifts.

Hilary Williams

Hilary Williams left Bath High School in 1963. Hilary’s generous bequest to the RHS came as no surprise to the many people whose lives she touched.

She was very involved in the alumnae community and continued to provide years of service to her school. She relished achieving results through others by encouraging, empowering and supporting. Enabling future girls to benefit from all the opportunities that her much-treasured education at Bath High School afforded her would have given her great satisfaction.

Hilary was immensely dedicated to the school through years of unswerving support, especially during challenging times. ‘She showed much kindness and was a thoroughly good sort, who cared very deeply about the School and the Alumnae Association.’ Whilst Hilary is much missed, her legacy will continue to enable motivated girls and women.

Hilary once said: “I am all in favour of doing what you want to do; I’ve made a career of it.”

Her legacy gift will be used to support the Bursary Fund at The Royal High School Bath.

Marjorie Macaulay

Marjorie Macaulay was a pupil at Streatham & Clapham High School and taught at Nottingham Girls’ High School.

Marjorie Macaulay, head of the English department from 1954 to 1976, left a gift of £20,000 to South Hampstead High School in memory of her over 20 stimulating years at the school.  Her gift has been dedicated to improving library resources.

As a former pupil and teacher, Marjorie also left £100,000 to the GDST Girls First Bursary Fund to enable us to offer an outstanding education to girls who would otherwise be denied it.


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