GDST Defined Benefit Pension Scheme

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Statement of Investment Principles September 2020



Scheme background

This Statement of Investment Principles (the ‘SIP’) details the principles governing investment decisions for the GDST Defined Benefit Pension Scheme (the ‘Scheme’).

The Scheme operates for the exclusive purpose of providing retirement and death benefits to eligible participants and beneficiaries, and provides benefits calculated on a defined benefit (DB) basis.

Regulatory requirements and considerations

Under the Pensions Act 1995 (the ‘Act’) and subsequent legislation, principally the Occupational Pension Schemes (Investment) Regulations 2005 (the ‘Investment Regulations’), the Trustee Directors (the Trustees) must secure that a written statement of the principles governing investment decisions is prepared and maintained for the Scheme.

This SIP also reflects the Myners principles for institutional investment decision-making, which require trustee boards to act in a transparent and responsible manner.

The Trustees are responsible for all aspects of the operation of the Scheme including this SIP.
In agreeing their investment strategy, the Trustees have had regard to:

  • The requirements of the Act concerning suitability and diversification of investments and the Trustees will consider those requirements on any review of this SIP or any change in the investment policy.
  • The requirement of the Investment Regulations: in particular that assets held to cover the Scheme’s technical provisions must also be invested in a manner appropriate to the nature and duration of the expected future retirement benefits payable under the Scheme.

Responsibilities and appointments

Only persons or organisations with the necessary skills, information and resources are actively involved in taking investment decisions affecting the Scheme. The Trustees draw on the expertise of external persons and organisations including the investment consultant, investment managers and the Scheme Actuary. Full details are set out in this SIP.


In accordance with the Act, the Trustees have obtained and considered written advice from Buck Consultants (Administration & Investment) Limited (the investment consultant) prior to the preparation (or revision) of this SIP and have consulted The Girls’ Day School Trust (‘the Sponsoring Employer’). However, it should be noted that neither the Trustees (nor any investment manager to whom they have delegated any discretion to make decisions about investments) shall require the consent of the Sponsoring Employer to exercise any investment power.

History and review

The Trustees will review this SIP at least every three years and without delay after each significant change in investment policy, taking note of any changes in the Scheme’s liabilities. Once agreed, and after consultation with the Sponsoring Employer, a copy of this SIP will be given to the Scheme Actuary and will be made available to Scheme members on request.

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