GDST Creative Writing Prize Results 2024

The GDST Creative Writing Prize is an eagerly anticipated annual competition drawing in students of all ages from across our family of schools, united through a passion for writing.

Creative Writing Prize 2023

This year, the theme for the GDST Creative Writing Prize was ‘Kindness’. The entries were judged by Ewa Jozefkowicz, an alumna of Notting and Ealing High School. Ewa always loved writing and is now a children’s author. Her debut novel, The Mystery of the Colour Thief, published by Zephyr (Bloomsbury), was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. She has since written five other mystery books for middle-grade readers. Her new series for early readers, The Woodland Explorers Club, is launching in May 2024.

Ewa commented on the GDST Creative Writing Prize:

I hugely enjoyed judging these entries on the theme of kindness, and was impressed by the variety of genres and interpretations of the subject. I was blown away by the emotion in many of the pieces, and the level of writing was far beyond the age-range of the writers. I would encourage all entrants to work further on these pieces – perhaps developing them into short stories. The idea for my first published book actually came to me during a creative writing lesson at Notting Hill and Ealing High School. So it’s never too early to start!

The winning stories are:

Years 1 & 2:



Kindness senses – Dara, Norwich High School for Girls

A joyous poem conveying kindness through all the senses.

Read Dara's story


Highly Commended:

The girl, the monster and the witch’s spell – Annie, Wimbledon High School

A story full of fantastic characters that shows the reader that everyone should be included and has their own unique skills and strengths.

Read Annie's story


The story of the three cats and three wishes – Sophia, Kensington Prep School

A gripping story that includes a wonderful wish for kindness to make sure that nobody would go hungry.

Read Sophia's story


Years 3 & 4:



The Orangutan – Annie, Wimbledon High School

A deeply moving and beautifully written story. The author of this piece has a writing ability that far exceeds her age group!

Read Annie's story


Highly Commended:

How far kindness can bring you – Nancy, Oxford High School

An enthralling story with a fabulous ending too!

Read Nancy's story


Eagles of the sea – Alexandra, Brighton Girls

Truly beautiful, vivid descriptions of stingrays and the sense of impending danger was really tangible.

Read Alexandra's story


Years 5 & 6



Just your heart – Isabelle, Kensington Prep School

A really special story with a unique premise and two wonderful characters.

Read Isabelle's story


Highly Commended:

Escape train: inspired by a true story – Chloe, South Hampstead High School

A wonderfully written story– so powerful and devastating.

Read Chloe's story


Years 7, 8 & 9


The village of kindness – Talulah, Newcastle High School for Girls

A treasure of a story. Dystopian yet hopeful.

Read Tallulah's story


Highly Commended:

An act of kindness – Verity, Norwich High School for Girls

A beautiful piece of writing about the unexpected rescue of a lamb. Some wonderfully vivid descriptions of nature

Read Verity's story


Years 10 & 11


Tomato soup – Emily, Wimbledon High School

A really interesting story, with wonderful tone and style.

Read Emily's story


Highly Commended:

Kindness is a legacy – Sophie, Putney High School

A wonderful short story about a wealthy Ancient Egyptian woman finding the kindness in her soul to protect a peasant.

Read Sophie's story


Years 12 & 13


Deer in the headlights – Renee, Blackheath High School

A highly impressive piece of writing, with such a unique premise and the voices of the different characters are all so distinctive

Read Renee's story


Highly Commended:

Dinner with Joanna – Freya, Croydon High School

A very fascinating story, full of brilliant dialogue and such fully formed characters.

Read Freya's story

Many, many congratulations to the winners! We hope you enjoy their brilliant stories.