Paid work opportunity – telephone fundraisers

In September 2023, the GDST is undertaking a multi-school telephone fundraising campaign across six schools. Each school is fundraising for their own bursary fund.

The schools participating are:

  • Bromley High School
  • Brighton Girls
  • Royal High School Bath
  • Shrewsbury High School
  • Sutton High School
  • Sydenham High School

Recent alumnae (Class of 2020 – 2023) are eligible to apply to become one of three telephone fundraisers for their school. The role is calling older alumnae from the school in order to re-connect with them, and to ask for their support of our bursary campaign. Calling times are weeknights and weekends, and the campaign is run entirely remotely, meaning that callers can work from home or university accommodation. The aim of the campaign is to raise vital funds to support school bursary programmes, which ensure that girls from all walks of life can access a GDST education regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

Why apply?

  • Good rates of pay (£11.50 per hour + holiday pay)
  • Work remotely – the campaigns are run ‘off site’ as well as training days which are conducted over Zoom
  • Enhance your communication skills and negotiation techniques
  • Add valuable work experience to your CV
  • Support your old school
  • Gain career advice from those you are calling
  • Work as part of a team with 17 other GDST alumnae from across the country
  • Prizes for great results
  • A comprehensive and paid two day training programme is provided

You must be available for both training days (4th & 5th September) and as many calling shifts (below) as possible.

Training Times

  • Monday 4th September – 9am – 4pm
  • Tuesday 5th September – 9am – 4pm, 6-8pm

Calling Times

  • Wednesday 6th September – 5.45-9pm
  • Thursday 7th September – 5.45-9pm
  • Friday 8th September –  day off
  • Saturday 9th September – 10.45am-5pm
  • Sunday 10th September – 1.45pm-8pm
  • Monday 11th September – 5.45-9pm
  • Tuesday 12th September – 5.45-9pm
  • Wednesday 13th September – day off
  • Thursday 14th September – 5.45-9pm
  • Friday 15th September – 5.45-9pm
  • Saturday 16th September – 10.45am-5pm
  • Sunday 17th September – 1.45pm-8pm
  • Monday 18th September – 5.45-9pm

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 5th July. This process is being managed centrally by the GDST. If you have any questions at all, please email Bo Szalacsi, Philanthropy Coordinator ( who will be happy to help.

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