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These are exciting times for girls.


Which is all the more reason to take advantage of an exceptional education at a GDST school.

As a family of 25 schools, we tailor our approach to how girls learn best, providing them with the attributes they need to excel.

 In our schools, academic excellence is a given. But GDST girls also learn to be confident, happy and fearless, to be prepared for the opportunities of the future.


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gdst newcastle
Newcastle High School for Girls GDST

“I want football to be a common sport for girls and boys.”

gdst spotlight
Oxford High School GDST

“I plan on being a psychiatric neurosurgeon – a profession that does not exist! 

Sheffield gdst
Sheffield Girls' GDST

“I came ‘first in the north of England’ for trampolining.”

Portsmouth High School GDST

“It would be amazing to represent England in the Olympics. Anything is possible.”

Croydon High School GDST

“We all have the same drive and passion for the things we love.”

Brighton Girls' GDST

“My school is the first school in the UK to have a skateboarding scholarship.”

gdst girl
Northwood College for Girls GDST

“Facing your fears & doing things out of your comfort zone is a really important thing.”

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