Birkenhead High School 50 year (plus one) Reunion

A group of Birkenhead High School Academy alumnae gathered together in August to commemorate 50 years since they finished school. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the gathering was delayed from 2021 so it was actually their 51st year since leaving. Some of the group are still local but others came from around the country, and one of their number travelled across the Atlantic.

There were 19 alumnae in attendance and, in addition, Avril Lock who was one of their former teachers. They enjoyed a tour of the school provided by Kathy Jones.


Margaret Wharton who attended the reunion said:

“The years fell away as we shared memories. We tried hard to recognise familiar form rooms and spaces and we were amazed by the changes around school.

Kathy also showed us the Air Raid Shelters under school which we knew nothing of during our time there. It transpired that that the builder was the uncle of one of our party and even she did not know about them!”

Following the tour, the group met at a local pub for a meal and to share some mementoes from their time at school.  These included hats, lacrosse sticks, and lots of photographs. They also enjoyed a rather lovely commemorative cake!

Margaret concluded:

“Everyone was thrilled to get together – and we have vowed to do it again in a couple of years’ time”


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