Bromley High Junior School wins nasen Award 2023 for SEND provision

We are thrilled to announce that Bromley High Junior School has won the nasen Awards 2023 in the Co-Production Initiative of the Year category for its Neurodiversity Champions programme. 

The nasen Awards, widely regarded as a benchmark for excellence in inclusion, celebrate and honor exceptional individuals and organisations that have made remarkable strides in promoting and advancing inclusivity.

The Co-Production Initiative of the Year category recognises the Junior School’s Neurodiversity Champions initiative for exemplifying collaborative efforts, engaging diverse stakeholders to create environments that are embracing and nurturing for everyone, irrespective of their abilities, backgrounds, or circumstances. Bromley High Junior School’s award is a testament to the school’s commitment to creating a nurturing and diverse learning environment.

nasen award

“It was an inspiring evening and very humbling to be recognised for our commitment to inclusion. I am so proud of our students and the work they have put in to raise the profile of neurodiversity across the school.“ — Mrs Emily Rushton, Bromley High Assistant Head and GDST Consultant Teacher for SEND


The nasen Awards

The nasen Awards provide a platform to acknowledge the often-overlooked contributions of those who have dedicated themselves to fostering environments that are truly inclusive. These awards celebrate the unwavering commitment of individuals and organisations that tirelessly work towards equality and accessibility.

Recognising Neurodiversity at the GDST

Bromley High School is an independent school for approximately 875 girls between the ages of 4 and 18 and forms part of the Girls’ Day School School Trust (GDST) – the leading network of independent girls’ schools in the UK.

The GDST advocates strongly for Neurodiversity, inclusion and accessibility, with a dedicated SEND Consultant Teacher working across all 25 girls’ schools. GDST schools take part in a range of activities within their individual school communities throughout the year (including during Neurodiversity Celebration Week); exploring ways we can recognise and value differences in thinking.

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