Celebrating GCSE and A Level success at Croydon High

The hall at Croydon High School was packed to capacity last Thursday evening (8th September) for a special event to celebrate the school’s GCSE and A Level successes. There was a marvellous atmosphere of pride and anticipation as the girls received their certificates and awards in front of a proud audience of parents, grandparents, relatives and friends.

The school also welcomed back Alison Maguire (Croydon High School Class of 1994 and GDST Alumna of the Year 2015). Alison spoke movingly and inspiringly of her work with “The Lily Foundation” which is championing research and support for those affected by Mitochondrial Disease.

Her achievements since leaving Croydon High have had an impact on so many lives and her international involvement in this sphere is truly life changing. The girls were inspired by her central message that life will present many turns along its course but it is their response to these challenges and experiences that will really shape the people they become.

Head, Mrs. Pattison, was ably supported in her annual report with accounts from Y13 Elizabeth on Careers Education and Guidance in the school and Y12 Charlotte who re-lived the amazing experience of the girls’ performances at the Edinburgh Fringe. There were also some excellent musical contributions from Y13 Abigail who sang the stunning “Pie Jesu” and Y13 Alita who perfectly captured all the emotional turmoil of Nancy with “As Long As He Needs Me”.

A touch of drama was added with a vignette from “Jason and the Argonauts” performed by the Edinburgh Fringe Drama Queens.Croydon High wishes the class of 2016 the very best as they move on to the next exciting stage in their education and look forward to welcoming them back to hear all their news at the Ivy Link New Year reunion Thursday 5th January.