Croydon High girls inspired by UN Women

Croydon High School girls in Years 10-13 recently enjoyed the amazing opportunity to meet Amra Naidoo, the inspirational Communications and Program Development Associate for the Singapore Committee of UN Women. The organisation aims to raise awareness of women’s rights in education, work and in the home. UN Women also help women who have fallen victim of physical, mental or sexual abuse.

Amra spoke about her journey; how she left school with few ideas about her future. How fortunate, that an internship with UN Women in Singapore secured her a job that combined two of her favourite subjects: business and social impact. After her speech several girls were given the opportunity to talk with Amra. Among the topics, many local and foreign issues were discussed surrounding sexism and the implications that it can have. The girls in Years 10 and 11 discussed their Give First campaign ideas and the older girls talked about their work for Free the Children and the WE movement.

Carys, a Year 12 student, said: “Amra was so enthusiastic in her support for every campaign. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that her passion for what she does is truly inspirational. Overall the experience was great. We learned that changes come from ordinary individuals who are willing to be extraordinary, and Amra made everyone believe that we could all be one of those individuals.”