From cancelled GCSEs to outstanding A-Level Results

Croydon High’s Class of 2022 finally have their chance to shine.

Outperforming already high expectations; Croydon High School are delighted to report stellar A-Level results for the Class of 2022 with a remarkable 91% of all grades awarded being A*-B. The Class of 2022 will forever be remembered as the year group who faced adversity and delivered, with an outstanding set of A-Level grades exceeding the already high expectations of this talented cohort.

Rewind to March 2020 and remember that this is the group of pupils who had to be told that they would not, after all, be sitting the GCSE examinations that they had so diligently worked towards over the previous two years. Headmistress Emma Pattison recalls that day saying

“To have to deliver the almost unbelievable news that exams had effectively been cancelled was one of the most difficult things I have had to do as a Head. Celebrating the incredible results achieved by that same group of pupils, two years on, is a moment I will treasure!”

• 32% of all grades awarded are A*
• 73% of all grades awarded are A*- A making this a record year for Croydon High students.
• 91% of all grades awarded are A*-B
• Over 50% of the cohort gained straight A* or A grades
• 100% A* A grades in Computer Science, French, German, Music, Further Maths, Spanish, PE and Religion, Ethics and Philosophy.

Emma Pattison continues “Alongside the individual stories of challenge and achievement, I want to publicly acknowledge the talents, determination, and resilience of the entire cohort, who have been high performers throughout their time at the school. These A-Level results not only confirm the high expectations we already had of them, but also illustrate the perseverance they have shown to maintain their focus and aspiration in the most challenging of circumstances.

“Their Sixth Form experience has undoubtedly been hugely impacted by COVID and two periods of lockdown, but they have not allowed themselves to become victims and have instead proven themselves to be the victors!

“Croydon High has so much to be proud of, but I believe the level of individual care and attention, for every girl, every day, is quite unique here and I would like to publicly thank the staff who put so much in to nurturing the pupils in their care. The results speak for themselves.”