GCSE delight for Northampton High with a third of grades at A*

Northampton High School students have achieved fantastic GCSE results again this year with the total number of A* grades rising to 34%; a 3% increase on last year’s excellent results. A third of students gained five or more A* and 65% gained at least five A*/A grades. In addition, 27% of students achieved all A*/A grades.

Dr Stringer, Headmistress, commented ‘It has been a huge pleasure to celebrate these outstanding grades with the girls and their families today and to see them establishing with these results, and the battery of vital skills they have learnt along the way, a really firm foundation from which to pursue their future goals

“At a time of such uncertainty in education, the academic achievement of our girls is an impressive constant, signalling both the ambition and can-do attitude of the girls themselves and the skill and dedication of the teachers and staff who inspire, guide and support them. I am doubly proud when I consider how these grades have been achieved alongside a wealth of successes in a vast array of sports, creative pursuits, mental and physical challenges, competitions, collaborative projects and contributions to the community.’

Congratulations to all of the girls on their outstanding results.


Results summary

  • 5+ A* grades: 33%
  • 5+ A*/A grades: 65%
  • 5+ A*-C grades: 98%
  • 7+ A*-C grades: 93%
  • All A*/A grades: 27%

Of 655 total entries:

  • Total A* grades: 34%
  • Total A*/A grades: 64%

Individual success:

  • Three students achieved all A*grades
  • A further 21 achieved all A*/A grades
  • Thirteen more achieved all A*/A grades with 1 B grade