Fantastic GCSE results pave the way for further success at Nottingham Girls

The wonderful success and celebrations enjoyed at Nottingham Girls’ High School last week have been repeated on GCSE Results Day. Year 11 students have done the school, and themselves, proud with an excellent set of results including some outstanding individual achievements.

Students worked really hard towards these results which now equip them for further success in the NGHS Sixth Form as they look forward to an exciting future. Students’ results include:

27% of grades at 9 (A** equivalent)

50% of grades at 9 – 8 (A**- A* equivalent)

69% of grades at 9 – 7 (A equivalent)

25% of students achieved all Grade 9s in all of the Science subjects with over a third of the Science awards at Grade 9.

Mirroring similar success as A Levels last week,  English Literature results  were up with 37% awarded Grade 9, alongside Grade 9s in Latin (50%), German (46%) and Spanish (41%). In DT, Greek and Music all were awarded at Grade 9 – 8.

72% of Performing Arts Technical Awards also achieved Distinction*, demonstrating the school’s commitment to offering a broad range of subjects to meet everyone’s interests.

“I’m really thrilled with these well-deserved results. They just go to show that an education here at NGHS provides opportunities for our students to choose what they love to do, and go where their strengths lie. Going on to study in our Sixth Form will further enhance their chances to follow their dreams on whichever path they choose. I can’t wait to follow their continuing progress.” — Julie Keller, Head

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