Howell’s girls at home in the lab

At Howell’s School, Llandaff this morning, as students collected their GCSE results, one message could be heard loud and clear: girls achieve more highly in science subjects in an all-girls environment. 

At the Cardiff school, 88% of all science entries graded 9- 8 (the equivalent of an A*). In Biology, 92% of all results were level 9-8, in Chemistry, 88% were level 9-8, and in Physics 83%.   

Principal of Howell’s, Sally Davis, said: “These results provide further confirmation, if it were needed, that in an all-girls learning environment, free from gender bias or social pressure from boys, girls thrive in what have been traditionally regarded as male-dominated subjects. The single-sex education available at Howell’s provides the motivation, self-belief and resilience for our girls to feel confident about their abilities; they are more assertive and willing to take risks, ask questions and make mistakes.”  

Across the board, results at Howell’s were excellent—50% of students taking Drama and Music were graded Level 9-8/A*. In total, 63 students sat GCSEs at the school this year, and an impressive 53% of all GCSE grades were at Level 9 & 8 or A*, with a combined Level 9, 8, 7/A*- A rate of 74%.

Sally Davis said: “This is a fabulous set of GCSE results. It is wonderful to see how far the girls have progressed over the last five years in the Senior School at Howell’s. These students have excelled academically, with an outstanding set of results to put alongside their equally exceptional achievements in music, sport, drama and a whole range of other activities and interests.”