Inspiring the next generation of apprentices

Over 300 people registered for Bromley High School‘s virtual Apprenticeship Insight Event which took place on Saturday 8th May, bringing together many of the leading players in the field of apprenticeships.

bromley apprenticeship

In the first session, attendees heard from three headline speakers: Chris Day spoke about his experience of creating over 100 apprenticeship roles for AstraZeneca and Royal London; Phillip Paige, who leads JP Morgan’s apprenticeships scheme, explained how his programme works, stressing the responsibility given to apprentices from an early stage; and finally Akeem Wangeh presented the opportunities available through Multiverse, which aims to create a future of diverse leaders through a unique apprenticeship model.

In the second session, three GDST alumnae talked about their current experience of carrying out an apprenticeship. Amelia Ellis-Baumber is in her final year of her apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce, where she is currently involved in developing engines for the future; Natasha Taylor works at the Dyson Institute on projects so secret that she was unable to share specific details with us!; and Elizabeth Wilcox is in her first year at JP Morgan. All three speakers were full of enthusiasm and positivity about their apprenticeship experience so far.

The final element of the event was a virtual ‘fair’, where attendees could elect to hear in more detail about 14 specific apprenticeship schemes, including firms such as Airbus, Uniliver and IBM.

Attendees were incredibly positive about their experience on the day.

“I found the sessions very informative. It was great to hear about the options that are available and about what help and support there is both within the school and with Multiverse to help the girls investigate what might be right for them.”

“My daughter feels she learned more about the workplace today and how companies operate in the real world than ever before. She is definitely going to consider the apprenticeship route going forward and we are glad to know sooner rather than discovering it later when exams are looming.”

“I do think an apprenticeship will be something my daughter will seriously consider, especially after hearing how positive the previous GDST girls were about their experiences.”

“The tips were very good, and hearing directly from senior leads in the companies represented provided greater assurance.”

“I thought there was a great split of employers, and it was especially good to see science and engineering presence for girls to consider.”

Watch the recording of the event below: