It takes a village to teach a child

Cheryl Giovannoni

The proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is oft-repeated maxim, but no less true for its reiteration.

Today, on World Teachers’ Day, it’s a phrase that has particular resonance.

A school is a village, where everyone, no matter their role, is involved in the most important mission in the world – educating the next generation, to be sure, and also raising them to be confident, resilient and fearless.

I am in awe of teachers who do this, seemingly effortlessly (although I’m aware that, like a regal swan gliding on calm waters, most of the effort is below the surface).

We believe that the quality of an education consists not just in what is learned but in how it is learned. The process is as important as the immediate outcome; the route taken as important as the destination.

Academic excellence is a given; but GDST schools don’t just deliver credentials; they develop character and resilience in an environment where girls learn without limits.

We aim to provide teachers with a stimulating and challenging environment so they can perform at their best, as well as a professional development framework to help them fulfil their ambitions.

And it’s not just the teachers in our schools who help to raise our children.

The school receptionist who takes the time to learn the names of every pupil (and many parents) is setting an example of kindness and consideration and showing that everyone is valued.

The catering team providing healthy and balanced meals are modelling the importance of a balanced diet to health and happiness.

The caretakers and gardeners and cleaners ensure that every pupil has an environment in which they can thrive.

It really does take a village to teach a child.

So to all the dedicated and inspirational teachers in the GDST family of villages, and beyond, I say a huge thank you.

You are helping to shape the future of girls’ education.