Musicians go wild at Portsmouth High School Gala Concert

Portsmouth High school showcase the talented musicians at their school with a concert at Portsmouth Cathedral.

The evening included pieces from Flute Choir, the Rock and Jazz bands, Ukaladies, the Harmony and Cantabile choirs and the combined choir and orchestra. Sixth Form soloists Millie, Jia, Rebecca and Georgie gave stunning performances during the first half of the programme.

The grand finale was the world premiere of ‘Wild Wind’ by the Canadian composer Sarah Quartel, known for her fresh and exciting approach to choral music. Sarah’s composition was based on Anne Brontë’s original poem ‘Lines Composed in a Wood on a Windy Day’. The piece was an uplifting end to an evening showcasing the very best musical talent across the school. The Gala Concert was attended by pupils, parents, staff and guests.

Director of Music, George Tinsley said: “At the start of the rehearsal process, I thought these pieces might be too difficult, but the performers exceeded my expectations in everything they did. One pupil exclaimed today, ‘We sounded like professionals!’ I agree.”

Portsmouth High School returned to Portsmouth Cathedral for a service to mark the school’s 137th birthday.