Outstanding GCSE examination results celebrated at Northwood College for Girls

More scenes of joy were relished by pupils, staff, and parents alike this morning at Northwood College for Girls, as the independent girls’ school received its second set of phenomenal examination results in one week!

northwood gcses

Deputy Head and soon to be Head (with effect from September 2021), Mrs Rebecca Brown, said:

“After what has been an extraordinary and often challenging eighteen months for all students, I am proud to announce that 34% of our GCSE results have been achieved at a grade 9, 60% at grades 9 – 8 and 80% at grades 9 – 7.

“I am absolutely delighted with these results, they truly recognise and reward the many years of hard work and dedication that has been demonstrated by our Year 11 girls and all their teachers.”

27% of the Northwood girls achieved straight 9 – 8 grades and over half (53%) have achieved straight 9 – 7 grades. Mrs Brown commented: “These outstanding accolades highlight just how unashamedly ambitious we are at NWC. No girl flies under our radar as we refuse to set limits for achievement.

“With key subjects, such as Biology, History, and Chemistry, achieving 100% 9 – 7 grades, I am incredibly proud of our team of inspirational, forward-thinking, and fiercely dedicated subject specialists who each care so deeply about the girls that they have the privilege of guiding into young adulthood.

“Our formidable teachers work assiduously to ignite and propel insatiable curiosity and imagination, always encouraging our girls to embrace knowledge, and a thirst to discover, by bringing energy and innovation into the classroom.”

Prianna achieved ten 9s and is set to study Textiles, Mandarin and Maths at A Level. Prianna said ‘I’m so very happy and so pleasantly surprised! This is such a relief and I want to say a huge thank you to all my teachers for their support.’

Aleena achieved nine 9s and one 8 and is set to study Textiles, Spanish and Economics at A Level. Aleena said: ‘I wasn’t expecting this, I am overjoyed and so thankful to my school for guiding us all through such tough times.’

Simran achieved nine 9s and one 8. Simran is set to study Politics, RPE and English at A Level and aims for a career in Human Rights Law. Simran’s father said: ‘I’m absolutely delighted with these results and so very proud. I am also very grateful to all of Simran’s excellent teachers at Northwood College’.

Faaizah, achieved nine 9s and one 8 and is set to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A Level. Faaizah said: “I’m so happy with my results, it is a huge relief after such a stressful eighteen months and now I am looking forward to starting my A Levels!’

Twins, Alekhya (who achieved seven 9s and three 8s) and Shihka (who achieved four 9s, five 8s and one 7), pictured below, are both delighted with their results. Alekhya, who is set to study Chemistry, Biology and Geography at A Level, said: ‘I’m really proud of myself – my hard work has paid off and I just want to thank all my teachers and our parents for their support!’. Shihka, who is set to study Chemistry, Biology and Spanish at A Level said: ‘I too want to thank our parents for their support and all of my teachers – I am absolutely thrilled with these results!’

Priya achieved two 8s and seven 7s and is over the moon with her results. Priya’s mother said: ‘The school have been so supportive throughout Priya’s entire time here and her results are a true testament to the fantastic job they have done for her.’

Maansi who achieved ten 9s and is set to study Maths, Biology, and Politics at A Level said: ‘I really didn’t expect these results – I really can’t believe it! A big thank you to all of my teachers for helping me achieve these results.’

Shiara who achieved six 9s and four 8s and is set to study Chemistry, Biology and Latin at A Level said: ‘I’m speechless! Just so thrilled and relieved today with these results.’

Adhira who achieved nine 9s and one 8 and is set to study Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Maths at A Level said: ‘I’m very relieved and can’t wait to be a part of the Sixth Form!’ Adhira’s Dad added: ‘I’m really really proud of her achievement – she has shown real dedication, commitment, and hard work. I have always told her that hard work pays off, and her results have been consistently impressive. She is a star.’

Elina, who achieved seven 9s and two 8s and is set to study English, Latin and Classics at A Level said: ‘I’m really happy and so thankful to my school – without my amazing teachers I could not have achieved this!’

Fatemah-Zahra, who achieved four 9s, three 8s and two 7s and is set to study Chemistry, Physics and Psychology at A Level said: ‘I want to thank my teachers for all their help and dedication to us. They really did get me to where I am today!’

Resham, who achieved one 9, four 8s and four 7s and is set to study History, Psychology and English at A Level is delighted with her results. Her Mum said: ‘It’s been such a difficult year for the teachers, school, and the girls. They have really come together and now we need to look forward – all the girls deserve a real celebration tonight!’
Khushi, who achieved eight 9s, one 8 and one 7 is set to study Physics, Classics, Maths, and Biology at A Level. Khushi said: ‘I’m really really happy and so grateful to all my teachers, my friends and my family!’

Vithursiga achieved seven 9s, one 8, two 7 and one A in Additional Maths and is set to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths at A Level. She said: ‘I am delighted and so very grateful to my school for their help.’

Katie, who achieved three 9s, four 8s and two 7s and is set to study Politics, English and Classics at A Level said: ‘I’m really happy, the school has been so helpful during the past year.’
Katie’s mother said: ‘This is such a special day and I am going around thanking the teachers for what they have done; their hard work and commitment has helped Katie get where she is today and I am so grateful.’’

Mariam, who achieved seven 9s and three 8s and is set to study Physics, Maths and Geography at A Level said: ‘Thank you to my teachers – I feel overwhelmed to be honest but so happy!’
Mariam’s mother added: ‘I’m so pleased and so relieved, it has been such a stressful eighteen months and the school has supported the girls every step of the way. Thank you to all of Mariam’s teachers for their support, they have really helped build her confidence and I am truly grateful!’

Mrs Brown said: “I am so proud of this year group, they have highlighted just how resilient, focused and flexible they can be. The pandemic has also reinforced how fortunate we are to be a GDST school. Being a member of this pioneering family of independent girls’ schools enables all our students to benefit from a wide range of virtual and face-to-face learning and networking opportunities, all of which proved invaluable over the past eighteen months.”

The Year 11 girls are clearly looking forward to returning to their school in September, when they are set to flourish with a personalised, academically rigorous curriculum and robust enrichment programme in the NWC Sixth Form. They will be based in the exciting new Sixth Form Pavillion, an inspiring and energising space in which to study and socialise.

Mrs Brown concludes: “Our Sixth Form is a vibrant community of intellectual, articulate and socially-adept young women. We work hard to provide our students with opportunities to grow as individuals, assume leadership roles, take responsible risks, and excel in a dynamic learning environment that treats every single student as an individual.

Our role is to ensure that each student leaves NWC Sixth Form as a true global citizen, armed not just with outstanding academic credentials, but also equipped to turn challenge into opportunity, to embrace change and innovation, to maintain a lifelong love of learning, and eager to succeed on a path that is most suited to her individual talents.”