PENGUINPIG visit Brighton & Hove Prep School for eSafety puppet show

Brighton Girls recently linked up with Traum Theatre as part of the Brighton Digital festival. Mindful of the importance of eSafety even for young children, the interactive puppet show told the girls at the school the story of Phoebe as she discovered how she could keep herself safe online with the help of PENGUINPIG.

This important message was also captured by ITV who used excerpts and interviews with the girls and went out as the lead piece on ITV Meridian news recently. Girls in Years 5 and 6 who use individual iPads as part of their learning also discussed the importance of keeping safe online.

Schools have a huge responsibility to educate pupils and his highly entertaining show was a wonderfully powerful way of encouraging good habits in pupils.The Brighton Digital Festival is an amazing opportunity for young people to engage in technology positively and the school has been the venue for a number of events.

Watch the clip from ITV. For more information about staying safe online, discover more with our LiveMyDigital eSafety resources for parents and students.