Sheffield Girls’ celebrates with over three-quarters of A Level entries graded A*-B

Sheffield High School for Girls is celebrating another outstanding set of A Level results with 76% of entries graded A*-B.

The percentage of entries awarded grades A*-C was an amazing 91%, in the year which saw the majority of subjects move to the more demanding linear format, with pupils assessed by final exams only.

A quarter of the 95 girls who sat A Levels this year achieved straight A*/A results.

Subject highlights include:

  • Over half of all grades in Maths and each of the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology) were at A*/A
  • 100% grade A in Drama
  • 100% grades A* – B in Business Studies
  • 100% grades A* – B in RS
  • 88% grades A* – B in Economics
  • 88% grades A* –  B in Geography
  • 88% grades A*- B in French
  • 86% grades A*- B in Spanish
  • 86 % grades A*- B in History

The school is also celebrating successful results in the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which is coveted by many universities including those in The Russell Group. Eighty percent of its entire cohort took this award with an impressive 69% gaining an A or A* grade.

The EPQ qualification, equivalent to half an A-Level, sees students research and investigate a topic of their choice, related to their current study or future career.

Sheffield Girls’ continues to buck the trend with over half the girls going on to study STEM related subjects. This year has seen a wide range of science related careers being followed, with girls going on to study Medicine, Bio Sciences, Earth Science, Neuroscience, Natural Science, Sports and Exercise Science, Biomedical Science, Geological Sciences, Computer Science, Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, Engineering and Dentistry.

This was not to the exclusion of a broader range of subjects, with a number of girls pursuing degrees in Languages, Economics, History and Politics.

Speaking about the results, Headmistress Valerie Dunsford said:

“I would like to congratulate all the girls on an outstanding set of results.  We truly value and applaud all of them who have worked tirelessly to achieve their full potential and are delighted that so many have places at their first choice university. Many have achieved higher results than they thought possible whilst also thriving in their involvement in school life, seizing opportunities in music, drama, sport, debating, volunteering and community work to name but a few. We wish them all the best as they move onto the next stage.”

Stars and Spins for Lucy

One pupil, Lucy Bland from Fulwood, is in a spin after receiving straight A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths in her A-Level results. Lucy is going on to study Medicine at University College Oxford.

However, earlier this year, Lucy had a difficult choice to make between academic study and a place at Oxford, or pursuing her other passion in life, dancing.

Lucy was selected at an early age to be an associate member of the Northern Ballet school and more recently became an advanced associate of the hugely prestigious Royal Ballet School in London.

Throughout her school career, Lucy has worked hard to balance her academic studies alongside her dancing. She has also found the time to instil her enthusiasm for dance amongst younger members of the school in her role as dance captain.

Lucy said: “I am so delighted that all my hard work has paid off. I truly feel that my dancing has helped me have a really positive balance during my school life, and it is something I hope to continue as I follow by lifelong dream of being a doctor.”

Teya overcomes health condition to achieve straight A*/As

Another pupil, Teya Staniforth from Ashover in Derbyshire, is celebrating after receiving A*A*A promising her a place at Durham University to study BioSciences.

Teya’s achievement is particularly remarkable considering the serious health condition she has been living with over the past five years.

Teya suffers from the debilitating sleep disorder narcolepsy and sudden muscle weakness and paralysis, cataplexy which means she has struggled to meet the demands of full time education. Teya has always been a keen scientist and is going on to study Biosciences with a view to deepening her understanding of her condition.

Teya is already an inspiration to others suffering with narcolepsy and cataplexy having shared her experience of living with the condition with doctors, explaining how young people can manage narcolepsy and cataplexy in an educational environment. She has also been a role model to a younger pupil at another school who suffers from the same condition.

Teya said: “I am just so surprised and excited that I am going to be able pursue my science career at Durham. I just don’t know how to thank the support network of my family and everyone at school who have helped me to achieve these results!”

Head Girl Isabella celebrates with straight A*/As and is off to Oxford

Head Girl, Isabella Douglas from Fulwood is celebrating after achieving A* AAA in her A-Level results and will take up a place at St Anne’s College Oxford to read Earth Sciences.

Isabella, from Fulwood has excelled in all areas of school life since she joined Sheffield Girls’ in Year 7. She has been part of the sports team, music groups, charity and outreach work and personifies the ethos of Sheffield Girls’ – seizing every opportunity and helping others to achieve great things through her selfless and inspirational approach.

Isabella said: “I’m totally gobsmacked, I just didn’t expect this at all!”

Stars all round!

Five pupils achieved straight A* grades in their A-Level results:

  • Olivia Jowle from Stannington is celebrating with A* grades in English Literature, French and History and will take up a place at Leeds University to read French and Italian.
  • Radhika Acharya from Whirlow received A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and is going on to study Medicine at Birmingham University.
  • Lucy Bland from Fulwood achieved A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and will study Medicine at University College Oxford.
  • Poppy Clarke from Ecclesall received A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and will study Natural Science at Durham University.
  • Arushi Kumar from Fulwood received A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and will take up her place at University College London to study Medicine.