Stellar A-level results for Northampton High students

Northampton High School is proud to announce a year of outstanding results for its students.  A* grades, at 21%, were up on last year’s excellent results and over half the results achieved by the girls were at A* or A grade.  Five students achieved three or more A* grades and 38% of the year group gained at least one A* among their grades.

Headmistress, Dr Helen Stringer, paid tribute to the girls and staff, commenting:

“This is a very special day for us all at the High School – seeing the girls celebrating the fruits of their ambition and flair, and sharing their successes with their families and teachers. A-levels are, of course, above all a passport to the next stage of life’s journey and, with the hugely impressive grades they have earned, the girls will find doors opening for them.

“In today’s dynamic, globalised higher education and employment scene, excellent exam grades, vital though they are, are just the basic currency. Beyond that, a portfolio of additional skills and experiences helps to set each High School student apart from the mainstream, whether that is an AS Level in Film, an Elective in Politics, a global MOOC or an Extended Project Qualification, to name but a few of the myriad possibilities. I have been particularly impressed by the quality of work done by the girls in the EPQ this year – with 75% of grades at A* or A – as well as by the extraordinary contribution they have made to their local communities through volunteering and social action.

“Behind the girls’ success, and key to it, there is a whole community of dedicated professionals, teachers and support staff. Their inspiration, expertise and care create the atmosphere in which girls learn and grow, in the knowledge that all things are possible. Today is about celebrating that collective success.”