Stunning creativity on display at the GDST Postcard Art Exhibition

Last weekend (7-9 October) students from 22 schools across the GDST network took part in an exhibition in the heart of London’s West End to showcase their creativity and artistic flair.

Pupils from all year groups were challenged to get creative on a postcard, using any medium, with the most original, imaginative and accomplished selected for display at Gallery Different in London. The collection of nearly 1,000 exhibits included paintings, knitting, line drawings, photographs, poems, quotations, equations, embroidery, collages, recipes and origami.

With such a wide range of options available, even students not studying art were encouraged to take part.

Cheryl Giovannoni, Chief Executive of the GDST, said:

“This exhibition is a really exciting and highly creative opportunity for our students. The entries were of a very high standard and I want to thank everyone involved for their enthusiasm.

“All our schools encourage young people to develop an appreciation of art and design early in life and I look forward to seeing more from those who exhibited in the future.”

The collection will now be converted for use in an online gallery which will launch in early November.