The GDST launches new Raise Her Up podcast for parents

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the Girls’ Day School Trust podcast series, Raise Her Up, to help parents to embrace and navigate the ups and downs of raising girls.

Raise Her Up was created after the resounding success of the GDST Talks series of online seminars for homebound parents and alumnae – which was introduced during the 2020 lockdowns to enable them to access expert advice about the pressing issues of the day.

Every fortnight, Raise Her Up will feature expert guests discussing some of the most significant subjects affecting girls and women in the modern world. Episodes will address questions that parents are bound to encounter at some point, covering topics ranging from wellbeing to communication, creativity, self-image and sexism. Diversity and development are also discussed, as are mental health, careers, love, relationships and more.


Raise Her Up


In the first episode “Learning to live with Covid”, Clinical Psychologist Dr Deborah Woodman speaks about returning to life, and a new school term after the pandemic. She outlines the effects of the last 18 months, and how it will impact the wellbeing of children (and adults) for some time to come. Dr Woodman shares her psychological insight into the brave new world we’re living in, as well as what it means for parents and their children.

Upcoming guests and topics on the podcast include: Dr Charlotte Faircloth on “Equal Parenting”, Genelle Aldred on “Communicating for Change: how to engage outside of the echo chamber”, Grace Barrett on “How to be an anti-racism ally”, Dr Tina Mistry on “How to Be Enough” and Professor Dame Lesley Regan on “Demystifying Periods.”

Cheryl Giovannoni, CEO of the GDST said: “As the experts in girls’ education, we have always been passionate about helping girls to fulfil their potential, both within our schools and in the wider society. We are absolutely delighted to be launching our new Raise Her Up podcast, which brings together the wealth of expertise across the GDST network alongside leading thinkers to inspire all of us as we help girls to rise and shatter the glass ceilings that we still find all around us.

I hope that the knowledge and experiences shared in each episode of Raise Her Up will help parents to simultaneously protect, encourage and ultimately empower their children. And more importantly, I hope it reassures parents to celebrate the great job they are doing in helping their girls to flourish.”

Cathy Walker, host of the Raise Her Up podcast and Head of Educational Development, GDST, commented: “Even as a teacher with over 20 years’ experience of working with young people, and as a mum of two girls, I am still learning every day – I think we all are. We hope that the insights, observations and guidance that our expert guests share on each episode of Raise Her Up will not only help modern parents, but also celebrate the brilliant job they already do. After all, we all need reminding sometimes.”

The Raise Her Up podcast is now available on Spotify, Apple and all major streaming platforms.