We are One — Year 6 pupils complete a ‘Changing Climates Curriculum’

Imagine if we provided young people with empowering opportunities to explore and make sense of the world they live in, responding to the biggest challenges of our time, enabling students to have a voice and champion for a greener future. This is how We Are One was born – a GDST-wide project for Year 6 pupils which was piloted by 22 GDST schools in 2023.  

We are One is inspired by the idea that as a family of schools we are stronger together and can act as a united community to bring about climate action. The theme of this year’s project was sustainable behaviour change. 

In partnership with ThoughtBox Education, Year 6 pupils were invited to complete a Changing Climates Curriculum and then create a video encouraging sustainable behaviour in others. Throughout the project, pupils were supported by their teachers and mentors to explore how they felt about climate change and to build the skills they felt they needed to live and thrive in a world affected by it.   


A Day of Celebration

The project culminated with a day of celebration in Wimbledon. The eco-themed day began with 150 pupils from across our family of schools coming together at Wimbledon Common to engage with nature through a range of outdoor learning activities including orienteering, creating art and sculptures with leaves and twigs, and writing and reciting poetry inspired by their surroundings. 

This was followed by a walk back to Wimbledon High School where the girls engaged with a series of workshops about sustainable products and explored ways they could show and appreciate self-care, people care and planet care. Acclaimed environmentalist, Cindy Forde, delivered a final keynote speech which explored ways we can create a brighter world together.

Sustainability at the GDST

Sustainability is a green thread that runs across everything we do at the GDST. This includes at our schools, with our students, our estate, our people and partnerships, and how we look forward to a brighter and greener future.

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