Embracing technology at Croydon High

Last week the global technology firm, Lenovo, visited Croydon High School to film a video demonstrating how technology is used within the curriculum in the Junior school.

Lenovo is the primary provider of laptops and desktops throughout the school and the firm is exploring how PCs can be used more widely in education to both engage students and encourage learning.

The team interviewed a number of the girls across all year groups as well as teaching staff, asking them about their view of technology, how it supports learning and discussing with them how skills taught within the classroom prepare the girls for life after school.

Stuart Gill, Head of Communications at Lenovo commented, “After spending time at Croydon High School over the past few months, it’s inspiring to see how technology is embedded in every aspect of the curriculum. We spend a lot of time creating products which we hope engage and empower students and it was brilliant to witness first-hand how excited the girls were during their lessons, how competent they are and how much they enjoy using technology to aid their learning.”

From History to Art, coding to robotics and music, the girls showcased many of the skills they’ve developed and confidently discussed on camera what they have learned and their future career aspirations.