How to Empower Girls — Cheryl Giovannoni on the The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast

The GDST’s Chief Executive sat down with Ben Morton – leadership mentor and best-selling author – to discuss how her role at the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) involves empowering girls in education and leadership.

Cheryl discusses her career to date – journeying through the corporate world including; key leadership roles at the WPP advertising group, the boutique design agency Coley Porter Bell, and global brand consultancy Landor Associates. Throughout her career, Cheryl has been a strong advocate for women in the workplace which is what eventually led to to becomes Chief Executive at the GDST.

On the podcast, Cheryl shares her thoughts on a range of topics, from how to connect people with an organisation’s Mission, Vision and Values, to the common challenge of handling the ‘brilliant jerk’ and to the opportunities and challenges future generations face in entering the workplace – particularly young women.

Cheryl talks about the important work that GDST and its partners are doing to ensure that our girls and young women are prepared for the future of work, initiatives such as LEAD, Space Tech, Financial Education, and the critical role that women play in creating a more equal and better world.

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The GDST Difference

The Girls’ Day School Trust is the UK’s leading family of 25 girls’ schools including 23 independent schools and two academies. In March 2023, the GDST published ‘The GDST Difference’  – a booklet compiling our own research, and analysis of the findings, setting out to breakdown why GDST schools and all-girl learning environments can offer the best start in life for young women.

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