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Why Civil Discourse and Respect matter even more in the Year of Elections

2024 is the year of elections and women’s voices are needed more than ever, writes the GDST’s Chief Executive.

Future female leaders are born in the classroom, but should be nurtured by society as a whole

A recent global report by the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership (GIWL) at King’s College London, revealed that the British…

International Women’s Day: a pivotal moment to champion fearless women and inspire every girl who wants to create a better future for all

A word from the GDST’s Chief Executive to mark International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month 2024.

My voice matters: the importance of teaching girls and young women the art of disagreeing well 

The GDST’s Chief Executive reflects on the theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week – ‘My Voice Matters’ – and how it underpins much of the work going on in our classrooms to build confidence and fearlessness in each student.

How to Empower Girls — Cheryl Giovannoni on the The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast

Cheryl Giovannoni joins Ben Morton’s podcast to discuss her role as GDST’s Chief Executive and the importance of empowering girls in education and leadership.

(Left to right) Genelle Aldred, India Gary Martin, Jo Sharrock, Kaisha-Wade Speid and Laura Coryton

Hope will always thrive when women and girls empower each other

The GDST’s Chief Executive reflects on the achievements of remarkable women across the globe this year and why we should not give up hope for a better future.

Girls want to save the planet – let’s not hold them back

As the COP27 climate summit draws to a close, the GDST’s Chief Executive reflected on the interesting soundbites from Greta Thunberg’s UK media tour for her new book, The Climate Book, most notably her confirmation that she declined an invitation to attend COP27 due to ‘greenwashing concerns’.

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Cheryl Giovannoni talks ‘Off the Record’

In the lastest episode of the Off the Record podcast, Alistair Bunkall talks to Cheryl Giovannoni, the Chief Executive of the GDST.

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