Spotlight on Alexandra King, Nottingham Girls’ High School

As we count down to the GDST Alumna of the Year Award 2018, we’re shining the spotlight on each of our trailblazing finalists. Here, we find out more about Alexandra King, alumna of Nottingham Girls’ High School.


Alexandra King is a journalist, working as part of CNN’s award-winning digital media team. Alex likes to say that her journalistic beat is “human rights and girl power.” Her storytelling spans continents and genres – from video portraits of stranded Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, to profiles of children orphaned by mandatory minimum drug sentences, to interviews with female astronauts live from the International Space Station. In 2017, she won the prestigious Edward R. Murrow award for Excellence in Social Media for her coverage of the 2016 US election. 


Prior to CNN, Alex was a multimedia producer for United Nations Television, covering everything from women’s rights to conflict to humanitarian crises. In 2016, she became the first female one-man band producer ever to travel with a Secretary-General, reporting from Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia, among others, and working closely with Ban Ki-moon. She also writes for The Guardian and Red Magazine, and is the founder and author of a lifestyle blog for women, profiling women around the world.


Alex has achieved a huge amount in journalism, very quickly – often putting herself in dangerous, heart-breaking or challenging situations, and never letting barriers stand in her way.

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